Dear Partners and Friends, currently a humanitarian disaster in unfolding in Ukraine. Ukrainian men and women are being killed and wounded, and millions of women, children and elderly are fleeing the country not knowing if they will ever see their husbands, fathers and sons again. The incredible brave population of Ukraine show a courage and heroism not seen in Europe since WW2. And they do not only fight for their land, their future and their children’s future, they also fight for Europe’s security: our future and that of our children. Make yourselves heard, pass on this message, ban any Russian state related business and products, and help where you can in any shape or form.  This madness has to stop, Putin and his regime has to be stopped from committing more war crimes against Ukrainian civilians who are defending the basic principals the free world stand for and for which they are paying with their blood. 

Слава Україні Ґероям Слава!

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